Aja Jackson - Founder

Our Story

Empower MTB was born from my experience as a new rider in the cycling community. I didn't know where to look for community or resources to better connect with who I was as a cyclist. I'd browse the internet or scroll through YouTube in search of engaging content. There's tons of content available for athletes and racers but not much content that complimented  a recreational rider like myself.


Once I started racing Enduro, I fell more in love with cycling, started meeting some amazing people, traveling to new trails, and seeing a dramatic improvement in my cycling skills. Seeing so few women participating in the competitions motivated me to do something about it. During a fireside chat, post-race, I shared my vision for Empower MTB; I wanted to encourage more women to get on bikes and expand the feeling of inspiration, connection, and growth I experienced.



We are a community driven non-profit and our mission is to get more women on bikes at all levels.

We are firm believers in community over competition and we aim to:

- Create a supportive environment for women and young girls in cycling

- Offer biking development programs and events for cyclists of all ages and skill levels, with the goal of developing confident, lifelong cyclists


The vision of Empower MTB is that the sport of cycling is fun, safe, and accessible to all communities and riding levels


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